Experience Your American Heritage Like Never Before!

Sailing into History from Key West

Key West, FL

Fall 2022

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St. Augustine: America’s Oldest City

St. Augustine, FL

Jan 12th - 16th, 2023

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Texas: From Independence to Space!

San Antonio, TX

Spring 2023

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Take a Look at a Few of Our Past Patriot Experiences ...

America's Front Line Warriors

Imagine joining fellow Patriots poolside with members of the Blue Angels and the US Air Force F16 Viper Demo team. Get to know these young warriors and why they choose to protect America.

Meet former special operations warriors who participated in some of America's most secret missions as well as a TOP GUN Instructor who teaches our F22 Raptor pilots to own contested skies. Hear from the Marine who is the focus of an incredible moment in the Vietnam War.

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Espionage Experience

Imagine Joining a Team of World-class Surveillance Experts Secretly Tracking the "Spy" Responsible for “Possibly the Worst Intelligence Disaster in US History.*”
* US Department of Justice

Espionage has fascinated Americans… going all the way back to the Revolutionary War. Throughout our history, riveting stories of incredibly brave intelligence operators taking on impossible missions have boggled the mind.

December 7th, 1941 - 80 Years Later

The 80th Commemoration will unfold in the early morning hours of December 7th to mark the start of that fateful day. In1941, the first wave of Japanese aircraft attacked Battleship Row at Pearl Harbor while additional warplanes knocked out air defenses at Oahu military bases including Hickam, Bellows & Wheeler fields.

On your 7-day journey, visit seminal sites of the War, seeing its impact and remnants. Hear from experts on how World War II changed the world and how the attack on Pearl Harbor changed the course of the War.

Churchill Experience in London, England

Sir Winston Churchill’s grand-daughter, Celia Sandys, has agreed to invest a full day with our members leading a historical outing to Chartwell, Sir Winston Churchill’s family home and garden about 20 miles outside of London.  

Celia will travel with us from London to Chartwell and join us for dinner offering extended Q & A to give us an amazing look into one of history’s most remarkable heroes. 

75th D-Day Commemoration Experience in UK & France

JUNE 6, 1944 - The world changed the moment young men stood for freedom and stormed the beaches of Normandy while paratroopers jumped behind enemy lines. 

Until you have crossed the English Channel in the dark, walked in these heroes’ footsteps, looked up at the cliffs imagining the machine gun nests mowing down your comrades… you can’t imagine what freedom is worth. 

Come with us and experience freedom like you never have. 

The Freedom Trail, Boston Harbor Yacht Cruise & Peak Fall Foliage*

Fall in Boston is a special time, especially when we arrive at the peak of the exquisite color changes. The nip in the air reminds us of what it must have been like for the Plymouth Colonists and the early Revolutionaries to prepare for Winter. Not only did they fight oppression, they battled the elements. 

Steve will introduce you to Freedom Trail experts who will lead you in the footsteps of America’s Founders. You’ll see key places where history was made including the Old North Church, the original State House and the site of the Boston Tea Party.

Saturday evening, you’ll enjoy a 3-hour Boston Harbor dinner cruise on a private yacht with a breathtaking fall sunset.  

Ronald Reagan Experience in Southern California

Dr. Larry Schweikart will walk you through the Presidential Library, where he invested countless hours researching his most recent biography, Reagan: The American President

You’ll learn and see things about the Reagan family few people know. During our time in Southern California, we’ll travel to special places that Ron & Nancy held dear and get deeper insight into America’s 40th President… and the experiences that prepared him for the presidency. 

Plans include an evening in Santa Barbara at the Reagan Museum where Larry will give a great introduction. You'll get a VIP backlot, private tour at Warner Brothers Studios where Reagan made his films along with a number of surprises. This historical program is very limited.